Ana Hostel

A likeable little house called Ana Hostel, located in the Ljubljana city centre, invites under its roof travellers from around the world, whose visit to the Slovene capital is either planned or completely by chance. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the fact that you are traveling with your significant other, in the company of your friends, or you went on the journey alone, wishing to meet other travellers.

The hosts, Ana and Zoran, are long-term partners, who live in the hostel. That is why the most important thing for them is that you experience their home as a pleasant and relaxing place, which makes you feel at home.

Are you wondering why you should choose us?

Firstly, we always radiate positive energy that spreads to everyone in our vicinity. You will always feel welcome here. Our hospitality and easygoingness will remind you of a homely atmosphere. We will also be always available for giving out all kind of advice, e.g. which attractions in Ljubljana are the prettiest and worth visiting, where a genuine city throb can be felt, which bars are always full of people, and where the best party in town can be found. In short, whatever you might need, we are here to help!

Secondly, we pride ourselves with brand new and tidy rooms that will absolutely enthral you! The majority of hostels can’t do that, right? You won’t feel cramped in our rooms, as they are very spacious and also bright, so they will make you feel absolutely splendid.

Thirdly, we realise that cleanliness and tidiness are important for feeling comfortable in living spaces and that the hostels all over the world are not known as the cleanest of places. However, we can assure you that Ana Hostel does not belong in the same category, as we try to maintain a high level of tidiness and cleanliness in all areas on a daily basis. As stated, our first concern is the satisfaction of our overnight guests and a homely feeling. Meaning, zero filth and clean rooms at all times – great, isn’t it?

Fourthly, let us calm your nerves if you might be concerned that these brand new and clean rooms, which will make you feel at home, won’t be rented to you for a reasonable price. We pride ourselves with pocket-friendly prices that are comprised not only of the cost of the overnight stay, but also include, towels, bed linen, tourist tax and our countries allowance, VAT. A mini shampoo and soap will also await you in your room in case you will forget to bring your own.

So, if you have carefully read through all of the above, you already know that we are the perfect choice for you. If you are still not convinced, you probably didn’t do it carefully enough, so read it again. =) We will make sure you will keep Ljubljana in a fond memory and that you will gladly return.